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Agar.io is undoubtedly one of the most addictive and simplest games on the internet today. For those who have heard about the game but have no idea how to play, here is a beginner’s guide that reveals everything you need to know about the game as well as the tips and tricks that will help you to get ahead, in addition, informing you where to find the best cheats, skins, mods, and extensions, if you’d wish to add them.


Playing this game is equally simple as you only need to go to the web address Agar.io, select a username, and you start playing. When you select a username, you are taken to a board or grid as a little colored blob. The goal of this game is to eat up smaller pellets that lie around so that you may become larger, while at the same time avoiding the large blobs. The larger blobs can consume you, and if they do, the game is over, and you lose. As you grow big, you gain the ability to absorb the smaller blob players, and the more blobs you consume, the bigger you grow. Therefore, Agar.io rule of thumb is that eat but avoid being eaten.


You only need a track pad or your mouse, the SPACEBAR, and the "W" key to control the game. The mouse aids in the navigation of your blob, the spacebar helps to split your cell in half, while the "W" key permits you to eject mass to feed viruses, other players, or to drop some weight so as to weasel out of a tricky spot- that is because your blob moves faster if it is smaller. When your blob is smaller, hide it behind the viruses to save it from the larger blobs. If you don’t, the bigger, aggressive blobs will absorb you. Hiding behind viruses is effective because big blobs don’t like viruses as the virus can split the blob into smithereens if they collide, and if the blob is bigger than the virus. You can use corners and edges to gain advantage. Since the Agar.io has some limits, you can use those limitations to corner or trap opponents. If you, for instance, push a smaller blob onto the corner of the game, you can easily absorb it as it does not have anywhere else to run. Another way to deal with opponents is to use the viruses to split them. As already indicated, if a virus has been fed, it has the potential to split a bigger blob into pieces. Therefore, one way of taking down an opponent is to feed a virus. What you’d do is to shoot in the direction of the virus by pressing "W" key seven times, and the virus comes across the blob you were fighting, it will cut it down to pieces. And if you want to move faster when you are on the prowl and looking for prey, it is wise to split. You might have absorbed so many blobs and grown huge in size, that will hinder your movement, therefore, a good strategy is to divide yourself so as to travel faster, thus, absorb smaller blogs nearby. The more you play, the finer you get in the game. Once you move from the novice stage, and are at, say, 200-300, a different set of tricks will come in handy. For example, in case your cell is in one piece, then try to capture smaller cells with space to be fed faster. And, it is not a wise strategy to have more than two cells as that makes you more vulnerable. The best way to get big faster is to eat a big cell that got split a lot- you begin by eating small pieces, and, as you grow, you’ll be able to eat it all.


In the Agar.io game, skins, extensions, and mods are allowable, just so long as you make sure credit is channeled to where it rightly belongs. It is always best to stick to mods that have been approved by the community.